Mikhail Kollontay
composer, pianist





'To You, My Donna'

for tenor, organ, piano and harpsichord

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op.6a (1976; 1988)

Dedication: in memory of Aurelian Rubbach

Other author(s): lyrics by troubadours, translated in Russian by Valentina Dynnik

tenor, organ, piano and harpsichord (piano and harpsichord - one performer)

1. All Is Flowering! (anonymous author)
2. Hawthorn (anonymous author)
3. Herdess (Marcabru)
4. Song of the Queen of April (organ solo)
5. In Long May days (Jaufre Rudel)
6. All Peoples Are Subject to Appear in Last Judgement (Peire Cardenal)
7. Guard! (Peire Cardenal)
8. To you My Donna (Peire de Barjac)

Theatralization: with possible elements of

Duration: 38′

Performance: Alexei Martynov (tenor), Alexander Fiseysky (organ), Mikhail Kollontay (piano); Moscow, Small Hall of Conservatoire, Moscow Autumn IX, November 16, 1987

3: no information

Extra info
The preliminary edition was composed in 1976. Later, the work has two parallel versions: 1978-98 (for tenor and piano, with reducing №№3,4,5,8), and this one (1988).

The author admits reducing No. 3 also in the 1988 edition. In this case, and in the absence of a harpsichord, the pianist plays the last phrase of the harpsichord on the piano. No. 4 can be performed as a separate organ piece. It is possible to add improvisation on a tambourine or a Provencal drum in the piano part in No. 1.

Most of the revision was done in 1987; after the performance, the author introduced optional No. 3 into it, which explains the dating of the 1988 edition.

It is also possible to return to the very first edition of 1976 - 8 numbers for voice and piano (the manuscript is in the author's archive).

audio: All-Union Radio (A. Martynov, A. Fiseisky, M. Kollontay; from the concert on November 16, 1987); audio publication: no information

3: no information

music score publishing: no information

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