Mikhail Kollontay
composer, pianist





First Concerto ("White")

for piano and symphony orchestra

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op.13 (1984; 1985; 2010)

Dedication: to Igor Shvedov

2 Fl (II=Fl.a.=Picc), 2 Ob (II=C.ing.), Cl, Cl.b (Cl.II), 2 Fag//2 Cor, 2 Tr, Tr-ne ten, Tr-ne bas.//Cassa, Tam-tam, C-lli, C-ne//P-no solo//Archi

I. Andante tranquillo
2. Allegretto capriccioso e leggiero

Theatralization: impossible

Duration: 32′

Performance: preliminary edition 1984: Kharkov, Philharmonic Hall; Mikhail Kollontay (piano), Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor unknown; spring 1985 (exact date unknown)

preliminary edition 1985: M. Kollontay (piano), Bolshoi Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra, conductor Vladimir Fedoseev; Moscow, Grand Hall of the Conservatory, "Moscow Autumn", October 25, 1985

final version 2010: no information

audio: preliminary revision 1984: no information

audio and video: preliminary edition 1985: all-Union radio (recording from the concert on October 25, 1985); publication: no information

audio: final edition 2010: Alexey Kornienko (piano), Moscow Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra, conductor Mikhail Kollontay: Russian soul en route / Russishe Seele Unterwegs / Mikhail Kollontay / Viola Concerto | Piano Concerto / Nai-Yueh Chang / RTV Symphony Orchestra Moscow / Alexei Kornienko [CD]

music scores and piano scores:

1984 and 1985 revisions: no information
final version 2010: no information

final version 2010: orchestral parts: author's library; author's website

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