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You have reached the site which contains a storage of data concerning creative activity of composer (and pianist) Mikhail Kollontay (other spellings: Michael; Kollontai, Kollontaj; 柯隆泰).

This musician was formerly known as M. Ermolaev (Yermolayev).

If you read Russian, please note that russian pages of this site currently contain much more information.

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Statement of permission for use
Statement of permission for use An exposition of the Russian text:

"I, undersigned Mikhail Kollontay declare
all my works of art to be in public domain
and free for any use as long
as they carry my name on it.
I shall not require any special permissions
nor royalties of any kind to me,
my family or my estate.
I shall however require my direct participation
in the rehearsal process of every composition
as long as I am alive. If this requirement
is not satisfied, then it will be left to God’s judgment.
M. Kollontay
February 6, 2017"
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