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The Stone Guest


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op.42 (1987 (piano score), 1995; 2012 (orchestral score))

Other author(s): music by Alexander Dargomyzhsky (both restoration of the author's text and instrumentation were made), text by Alexander Pushkin

Don Juan, also the First Laura's Visitor (tenor),
Leporello, also Don Carlos (baritone),
the Monk, also the Second Laura's Visitor, also the Statue (bass),
Donna Anna, also laura (soprano);

orchestra: Fl (poi Picc, poi Fl c.-a [ad lib.]), Ob, 2 Cl (B, A), Fag // Cor (F), Tr-ba (B), 2 Tr-ni // Cassa (ad lib.) // Generatore C (ad lib.) // Arpa // V-no I, V-no II, V-la, V-c, C-b.

1. [Don Juan and Leporello]
2. Laura's scene
3. Scene with Leporello and the Monk
4. Scene with Donna Anna and the Statue

Theatralization: obligatory

Duration: 86′

Performance: productions:
orchestration in the 1995 version:
Theater des klagenfurter ensembles
Don Juan - Alexander Naoumenko
Leporello - Aik Martirosyan
Donna Anna - Caroline Isabella Merz
Donna Laura - Dagmar Anna Hoedl
Don Carlos - Gerhard Lehner
1. Gast - Josef Oberauer
2. Gast - Franz Foedinger

Musikalische Leitung - Alexei Kornienko
Regie - Heimo Podversnik
November 22, 1995

orchestration in the 2012 version:
opera house RGSAI
no information about performers
stage director - Boris Persiyanov
conductor - Alexander Yakupov
location unknown, November 13, 2013

Extra info
To record the urtext of the opera in 1987, the exact sketch of the piano score of the opera was restored from the author's manuscript, which Dargomyzhsky did not have time to complete and did not begin to orchestrate at all. The named sketch of the piano score was recorded in 1987 on the All-Union radio:
Don Juan, 1st Guest - Alexey Martynov
Leporello, Don Carlos - Nikolay Myasoyedov
the Monk, 2nd Guest, the Statue - Pavel Chernykh
Piano - Mikhail Kollontay, with a lot of help from Alexander Belomestnov (not everything can be played in 2 hands)

In 1995, orchestration for the chamber orchestra was performed (preliminary version).

In 2012, the orchestration was corrected by adding a second clarinet to the orchestra.

1995 preliminary version: no information on video, audio, full score, orchestral voices

final version 2012:
audio, video: no information;
publication of the score and the original piano score by Dargomyzhsky: no information;

orchestral parts: Mikhail Kollontay's library, M. Kollontay's website

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