Mikhail Kollontay
composer, pianist





The Captain's Daughter

scenes of Russian life to the novel by A. Pushkin [opera]

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op.44 (1995-1998)

Other author(s): story by Alexander Pushkin; libretto by Mikhail Kollontay

Empress Ekaterina II (mezzo-soprano)
Maria Ivanovna Mironova, daughter of captain Mironov (soprano)
Piotr Andreyevich Grinyov, officer (tenor)
Savel'ich, servant of Grinyov (actor - bass [=Officer])
Emel'yan Ivanov Pugachyov, runaway Cossack, who gives himself away for the Emperor Piotr III (bass)
Ivan Kuzmich Mironov, captain (baritone)
Vasilisa Yegorovna Mironova, captain's wife (contralto)
Alexey Ivanovich Shvabrin, officer (baritone [=Poet])
Coachman (bass [=3rd Official])
Chumakov (baritone [=1st Official, =Clerk])
Innkeeper (tenor [=2nd Official])
Chika (tenor [= Director])
Khlopusha (bass [=General])
General, commandant of Orenbourg (bass [=Khlopusha])
Director of Custom-House (tenor [=Chika])
First Official (baritone [=Chumakov, =Clerk])
Second Official (tenor [=Innkeeper])
Third Official (bass [=Coachman])
Clerk (baritone (=Chumakov, =1st Official)
Officer of the military counter-espionage (actor - bass [=Savel'ich])
Poet (baritone [=Shvabrin])

Mixed chorus (Population of Russia, present, past and future)
Men's chorus (Pugachyov's men = Chorus of Clerks)
Children's chorus (Angels)

Picc (= Fl IV),3 Fl (III=Piccolo II=Flauto alto [G]),2 Ob,
Cor.I.(F)(= Oboe III),2 Cl(A),Cl.b.(B)(= ClIII[A]),3 Fg(III=C-fg)//5 Cor(F),4 Trbe(B)(I. II. III=Trbe in D nat.),3 Trni,Tb//5 Timp,Tr-lo,
Cast,Raganella,Legno,Reco-reco,Maracas,2 Bongos,Conga,Cow-bells (4),Temple-block (5),Frusta,Ptti ord,Ptto sosp,Tno,Tro picc,Tro mil,Tro rullante,3 Tom-toms,Cassa,Gong,Tam-tam,Ferro,Clli,Sil,Cne,Vibr,Marimba//Celesta//Arpa//Spinetta//Campanile//Banda//Archi

Theatralization: obligatory

Duration 120'

Extra info:
1. The project of statement was thought over and prepared, under order of Mariinsky Theatre, by director Boris Persiyanov.
2. 4 sketches of scenery, under order of Mariinsky Theatre, were executed by the artist Vladimir Aref'ev.
3. The Banda wasn't orchestrated as the instrumentation depends on real opportunities of the given theatre.

record: live from the concert performance in Mariinsky theatre, 2017.

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